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We are proud to announce the opening of our new High Definition MRI scanner. The High Definition MRI scanner uses a magnet that is 500% stronger than most open MRI’s. This produces much clearer images, enabling our physicians to make a more accurate diagnosis of your condition.

An MRI is often needed to gain a clearer understanding of hidden clues regarding possible torn knee ligaments and cartilage, torn rotator cuffs, herniated disks, hip and pelvic conditions and other situations. An MRI usually takes 20 to 45 minutes to perform.

Our MRI is comfortable and very patient friendly. Even large patients and muscular athletes are easily imaged with this system. We use the latest Imaging Technology in order to achieve excellent images while providing our patients with a comfortable experience.

After the images are processed, they are instantaneously transmitted for diagnosis by an MRI Specialty Radiologist. Reports are typically available to us within 48 hours.

At Orthopedic Specialists state of the art facility, our MRI unit is conveniently located within our clinic building so you can easily move from one unit to another for continued, uninterrupted care.